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Asbestosis Treatment

Asbestosis Treatment


While there is no definite cure to asbestosis, doctors may recommend that patients who are diagnosed take certain precautions. Mainly, the patient must remove themselves from exposure to asbestos. There are also some procedures that patients may undergo to relieve symptoms and certain medications that doctors may proscribe for the same reasons.


Health care providers may suggest that patients suffering from asbestosis undergo a drainage procedure to remove fluid buildup from the chest cavity. Chest percussion techniques as well as particular vibrations may assist in the draining process.

Medication and other options

Some aerosol-based medications, like inhalers, are sometimes prescribed to ease symptoms of asbestosis. These types of medications help by thinning the fluid that has built up in the lungs and chest cavity. Such inhalers are usually used by individuals suffering from asthma. An oxygen mask is also often suggested. In extreme cases, lung transplants are necessary or recommended.


As aforementioned, stopping exposure to the asbestos is mandatory in order to treat asbestosis. If the diagnosed patient is a smoker, ceasing the smoking habit dramatically reduces the ill effects of asbestosis and reduces the risk of associated lung cancers. For those individuals who are aware of increased or elongated exposure to asbestos, regularly scheduled chest x-rays and check-ups allow for early detection and therefore better treatment.

It is important to underscore the fact that there is no current cure for asbestosis. Treatment exists in order to relieve symptoms and ease the effects of the condition.

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