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Bed Bug Sprays


Bed Bug Sprays

People who seek to eliminate bed bugs without paying for an exterminator can use sprays that promise to rid their homes of the bugs. These sprays are of varying effectiveness.


Bedlam bed bug spray is reported by consumers as effective against bed bugs, lice, ticks and fleas. Using this product properly requires spraying it in crevices, between the mattress and the bed springs, on the back of the bed's frame, under the bed and in any other crack or fixture that may harbor them. Complete saturation with this spray over a period of weeks is required to finally eliminate the bugs; otherwise, the spray merely keeps them at bay.

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is a common ingredient in bed bug spray. While the bugs do not like the cinnamon and stay away from places where it is applied, this is merely a repellent and not an insecticide. Therefore, it requires continuous re-application after it wears off and never gets rid of bed bugs permanently.

Other sprays

There are several sprays that are made of natural ingredients, such as peppermint oil and cloves, that claim to kill bed bugs within 30 minutes. These are generally ineffective, even when sprayed directly on the bugs.

Many conventional insecticides, such as Off, simply do not work on them; the bed bug walks over the sprayed area completely unaffected. The mosquito repellent DEET is also not effective. Make sure to buy an effective spray specifically formulated for bed bugs or that mentions them by name

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