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Bipolar Depression Help


Bipolar Depression Help

Depression caused by bipolar disorder can manifest severely. People that have bipolar disorder can experience a depressed mood in which they feel hopelessness, extreme sadness and loss of interest in many activities. Help is absolutely available for people who experience the depression that comes with bipolar disorder.

Finding help

It is essential for someone experiencing bipolar depression to see a doctor. Bipolar disorder is a medical condition and is only officially diagnosed and treated by a physician. The first step is to make an appointment with the patient's primary care physician. It is critical that the patient is completely honest with the primary care physician about what he or she is experiencing. During the conversation with the patient's primary care doctor, the patient should request information about, or request a referral to, a psychiatrist or clinic that specializes in bipolar disorder.

How can a psychiatrist help?

Psychiatrists have special training for diagnosing and treating mental illness, including bipolar depression. A psychiatrist can work with the patient to help come up with an immediate and a long-term treatment plan.

Options for immediate help

If a patient is experiencing severe bipolar depression (that can include suicidal thoughts), he or she should go to a hospital emergency room. The doctors there can assist by evaluating the patient, and if they feel it necessary, can prescribe medication for immediate assistance. It is extremely dangerous for people who have bipolar depression to treat themselves with over-the-counter drugs, illegal drugs or alcohol.

There is help as well as hope for people who are experiencing bipolar depression. It is a lifelong disorder, but it is possible to manage it with a solid treatment plan and a good treatment team. Do not hesitate to take the steps described above, as medical treatment teams are there to help.

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