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Bodybuilding Supplements


Bodybuilding Supplements


If you are into bodybuilding, then you undoubtedly know all of the contradictory and ethically dubious claims that their manufacturers make. Do not allow their get-ripped-quick hype to fool you; get the facts about bodybuilding supplements before you start a regimen on a potentially dangerous drug. Find out which supplements are safe and why they are safe.


Offering you a dramatic short-term turnaround in your level of muscle development, creatine boosts metabolism, short-term endurance and lean body mass. However, you need to keep your activity levels up in order to gain lean muscle mass and not just water weight. While some have reported such adverse side effects as kidney damage, heart problems, muscle cramps, dehydration and diarrhea, no studies have proven that creatine is responsible for any of these.


Though most people do not tend to think of caffeine as a bodybuilding supplement, it stimulates the nervous system and boosts energy and aggression, which you are going to need to increase your endurance and push yourself further. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is enough to boost your performance.


Glutamine is a key amino acid in muscles that limits breakdown and speeds recovery time. Studies suggest that it can also boost the immune systems of athletes in training.

When it comes to your health, never believe the hype about bodybuilding supplements - just the facts. When you use these supplements judiciously and incorporate them with a healthy diet and training regimen, you are sure to see positive results without side effects.

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