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Common Bone Cancer Symptoms


Common Bone Cancer Symptoms

Both children and adults get bone cancer, which makes it especially important to know all the bone cancer symptoms. It is a type of cancer that starts in any bone in the body. Know the symptoms to aid in preventing the disease from spreading.

Bone cancer in children

The biggest bone cancer symptoms is usually pain in the bones. This is difficult for a child to vocalize, so if your child is complaining of a body part hurting often, schedule a doctor's visit immediately. Sometimes the bone pain is accompanied by swelling and tenderness around the painful area as well. If you child has experienced any unexplained weight loss, contact your doctor as this is another symptom. Bone cancer is prevalent among children so know the symptoms to take proactive measures.

Bone cancer in adults

Bone cancer is also diagnosed after a person has experienced repeated bone fractures. One bone cancer symptom is weakened bones, which often results in bones breaking easily. Unexplained weight loss and fatigue are also common symptoms that occur in adults. If you start to feel tired and undergo unexplained weight loss, this could indicate bone cancer.

Bone cancer is a fairly uncommon form of cancer; however, it largely occurs in children, which makes it difficult to recognize. It also afflicts adults, especially the elderly. Bring any unexplained bone pain, bone fractures or swelling near joints to the attention of a physician as soon as possible as these may be bone cancer symptoms and the earlier they are detected the better.

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