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Conditions That Cause Symptoms Similar to Gallstones


Other Conditions That Cause Symptoms Similar to Gallstones

Gallstones usually present themselves with pain in the right side of the stomach near the ribcage. The pain usually makes its way up the torso, over the shoulder and to the back making the patient highly uncomfortable. The pain can also restrict breathing, disturb sleep and continue for several hours at a time. There is also potentially nausea, and an infection can result in fever, yellowing of the skin and discolored bowel movements or urination. There are other conditions that can cause similar symptoms.

Heart problems

Heartburn often presents similar symptoms to a gallstone, especially pain near the chest area. Typical heart-attack symptoms can also get mistaken for gallstones, especially in men with severe chest pain and difficulty breathing. Some liver problems can also present in similar ways.

Stomach problems

Food-poisoning can result in nausea and diarrhea similar to gallstones, as well as the stomach flu. The difference here is that the pain does not tend to prove as long-lasting or drawn out as with gallstones. The pain associated with the flu and food-poisoning is also usually throughout the entirety of the stomach instead of just in one spot as with a gallstone problem. Inconsistent pain and only a slight fever is generally something other than gallstones.

Some conditions present very similar symptoms as gallstones do. Pay very close attention to the pain and other symptoms experienced in order to determine if it is actually from a gallstone. Figure out if others are experiencing the same symptoms, which would make it more likely the flu or food-poisoning.

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