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Controversies Surrounding Methadone Treatments


Controversies Surrounding Methadone Treatments

Methodone is a drug that is sometimes used to help ease heroin addicts off of their drug of choice. However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of this substance. These are the two main arguments against the use of methadone to treat heroin addiction.

Quality of clinics

Methadone is typically administered to patients in a methadone clinic, where addicts can visit and stay throughout their treatment. One of the major criticisms of this drug is that the clinics that offer it are not up to par. Some people feel that patients who enter methadone treatment clinics are given far less counseling than is needed to truly combat an addiction, making them less likely to recover than those who use other treatments. Another related argument is that the clinics are profitable. This means that they make money off of their patients and do not have an incentive to get their patients off of the drug as soon as possible. It is to their benefit to keep patients addicted for longer.


Patients who do take methodone can develop addictions to the substance. These addictions are as serious as heroin addictions, and patients may take five or six weeks to stop showing physical signs of withdrawal. Some addicts even claim that withdrawing from methodone is more painful than withdrawing from heroin.

Methodone clinics are not a new invention, but they are growing more controversial by the day. Whether or not they continue to service drug addicts to the best of their ability is up for debate.

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