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Fatty Liver Symptoms



Gallstones, which are made of digestive fluid that has hardened into a mass, are often asymptomatic, but if they block part of the digestive tract, they can cause acute symptoms that have a fast onset and require immediate medical attention. The main symptom of gallstones is pain in various parts of the abdomen, usually near the breastbone. In some cases, gallstones can cause pain in other parts of the body, jaundice in the eyes or a high fever. Here, patients can learn about these and other symptoms of gallstones and what treatments doctors usually use to address the symptoms, including gallbladder removal surgery.

Fatty Liver Symptoms

The liver is one of the most integral parts of your body, and it is important to keep it healthy at all times. Fatty liver can cause a lot of issues that can make you feel uncomfortable during the day and reduce your productivity at school or on the job. Understanding the different types of symptoms associated with this condition can help you to nip the problem in the bud prior to it manifesting itself into a larger issue.


Fatty liver can create a multitude of symptoms that can yield pain and discomfort during the day. This condition usually is associated with the enlarging of the liver by accumulating fat cells around the area. This yields excess mass in this region, which can weigh on your body during the day causing pain and soreness in the abdominal region. Also, your skin may change from a regular tone to yellow, as your liver does not function to its ultimate capacity when you are affected with this condition. Given that fatty liver causes excess weight around your midsection, you may also lose energy quicker and have trouble losing weight or sticking to your diet plan.

Fatty liver is a condition that can negatively impact your performance at work and school, while deteriorating your overall quality of health. Several symptoms include yellowing of the skin, fatigue and bloating, which all are detrimental to your mood and state of mind. It is important to engage in the proper treatment to assure that this issue does not balloon into something more serious, which can take years off of your life.

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