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Gluten Allergy Causes

 Gluten Allergy Causes

True allergies to gluten are pretty rare. It is much more common for a person to have a gluten sensitivity or have celiac disease, which is an intestinal disorder that makes it impossible to properly digest gluten. Some people who believe they are allergic to gluten are, in fact, really allergic to wheat. However, there is a small percentage of the population who are actually allergic to gluten. The medical and scientific communities do not know a lot about this allergy and its exact causes are unclear.

Idiopathic allergy

If the cause of a gluten sensitivity is determinable, such as the case with celiac disease, it is not considered a true gluten allergy. True gluten allergies have no known cause, or in more scientific terms, are idiopathic.

How the body reacts

The body's reaction to any allergen is similar to that which occurs when a disease-causing agent is introduced. The immune system reacts as though the allergen, in this case gluten, is harmful. It does all that it can to eliminate the allergen from the body. Vomiting and diarrhea held rid the body of gluten.


There are likely genetic factors that predispose a person to a gluten allergy. However, they are not yet known. Some of these factors are probably hereditary, but it is likely that spontaneous mutations can also lead to true gluten allergies.

Gluten allergies are not that common, since most gluten sensitivities are caused by abnormalities in the intestines. Scientists are still learning more about these conditions and can hopefully devise better treatments in years to come.

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