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Helping Home Care Cancer Patients With Easy Tasks


Helping Home Care Cancer Patients With Easy Tasks

If you have a family member with cancer who is receiving home care, you probably want to help that person in any way you can. Both the symptoms and treatments of cancer are likely to leave your loved one feeling weak, exhausted and physically ill, making it difficult to perform even the simplest of tasks. By taking care of some of these simple yet necessary chores for your loved one, you can make his or her life less stressful and demanding. Although some of the tasks may seem trivial to you, they are oftentimes insurmountable obstacles to a person suffering from cancer.

Personal hygiene

Depending on your loved one’s age, condition and treatment methods, he or she may have difficulty bathing, getting dressed or performing other daily self-care tasks. When offering this type of assistance, it is of vital importance to do so with respect and sensitivity, as your ailing relative may feel embarrassed or ashamed at the inability to meet his or her basic needs.

Housework and cooking

Cancer is a disease that does not discriminate. If your afflicted family member is raising young children, his or her household may need cleaning on an hourly rather than a daily or weekly basis. From vacuuming and laundry to taking out the garbage and washing dishes, housework is a seemingly never-ending task that may overwhelm your loved one. Round up other family members and friends to help you perform a weekly “deep-clean,” which enables you to concentrate on minor daily clean-ups, such as picking up after the little ones or emptying the dishwasher. Cooking "potluck" type meals that your loved one's family can enjoy throughout the week is another ideal way to eliminate a major concern from the mind of your family member suffering from cancer.

Running errands

How many times have you groaned out loud when you realized that you were out of milk, needed one more stamp for your envelope or had to supply a last-minute snack for your child to share with the class? Now imagine how increasingly difficult that quick trip to the store or post office seems when you are weak and nauseous from chemotherapy or drained and exhausted from the toll that cancer has taken on your body. Help your loved one with cancer live more comfortably by ensuring that his or her refrigerator and cupboards are always well-stocked, the car’s tank stays filled with gas, the mortgage and utility bill payments are mailed on time and any other run-of-the-mill household duty is accomplished in a responsible and timely manner.

When someone you love is suffering and in pain, you naturally want to do anything possible to relieve that person's problems and concerns. By helping your family member to perform the easy yet essential tasks that he or she can no longer handle, you bring that person comfort, peace of mind and a brief but important respite from the burdensome concerns of a cancer diagnosis.

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