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Herbal Treatments for Hair Loss


Herbal Treatments for Hair Loss

Herbal treatments for hair loss give you natural options to keep from losing your hair, and in some cases restoring it. A few options offer natural ingredients that not only help with hair loss, but also make your hair look and feel better.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has so many uses, including soothing burns and cuts, aiding in digestion and making hair thicker and healthier. You simply rub some of the gel from the inside of the blades of your comb or brush onto your hair and scalp every day. Enzymes within the gel stimulate hair growth in thinning hairlines.

Green tea

Drinking green tea or taking supplements helps reduce the chances of hair thinning on top of the head—often seen in male pattern baldness. Antioxidants within the tea keep enzymes from turning testosterone into hair-killing DHT.

Red bell pepper

You can simply cut up a red bell pepper and rub it directly into your scalp. Chemicals within the pepper causes proteins to release onto the scalp, which stimulates the cells and promotes hair growth.

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba, also referred to as ginkgo, improves blood circulation to the skin. The increase in the blood flow delivers nutrients to the roots of the hair, promoting growth.

Herbs contain many properties that not only help in hair loss, but also help with blood flow and cell health. With any alternative regimen, it is necessary to contact your primary caregiver to make sure of any drug interactions when using herbs. You can also speak with your local pharmacist about various known allergies and any side effects with your current medications.

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