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Holistic Infertility Treatments


Holistic Infertility Treatments

Holistic infertility treatments are those that do not require a traditional medicinal approach. These treatments are less invasive, and you can do multiple treatments together. Some holistic infertility treatments include acupuncture, massage and herbal remedies.

Acupuncture treatments

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that involves having thin needles put into your skin at certain points, which helps regulate your qi or energy flow. Your practitioner can find the points in your body that help with fertility and place the needles there. This painless treatment can make you more fertile.

Massage treatments

Another holistic treatment to try is massage. This treatment helps reduce stress by relaxing the body and mind, which can help you conceive. There are many different types of massage you can try, including reproductive organ massage to stimulate your ovaries.

Herbal treatments

Many holistic treatments take the form of herbal remedies. These are often herbs and supplements that are common to find in Eastern medicine. Your acupuncturist, or other holistic practitioner, may prescribe you herbal tinctures to take on a regular basis. Make sure to consult with your regular medical doctor about these herbs to ensure that they do not interfere with any other medications you are currently taking.

Infertility is a difficult situation to go through, and it can place a lot of stress on your body. Holistic treatments for infertility are a more non-invasive way to ease stress and hopefully increase your fertility. Always notify your traditional physician if you start taking herbs or supplements, because they may interfere with other medications or treatments.

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