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Home Remedies for Dandruff


Home Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff, while not a life-threatening or even particularly dangerous condition, is one of the most embarrassing conditions a person can experience. The flaking off of the scalp onto clothing may prove highly corrosive to the self-esteem of a person, especially if that person is wearing dark clothing. Special shampoos are one way to fight dandruff, but there are also natural home remedies that provide effective ways to combat the problem. Read on to learn about some of these home remedies for dandruff.

Home remedies for dandruff -- beets, vinegar and more

One of the more offbeat solutions for problematic dandruff is to use beets. Boiling the beets in water and using that water to massage the scalp via the fingertips is an effective method to control dandruff -- white beets are recommended for this purpose. Cider vinegar, diluted with water, is also effective when dabbed into the hair between uses of shampoo. Adding a teaspoon of lime juice when rinsing the hair also makes the hair less sticky and far less likely to produce dandruff. All of these methods are best combined with a daily brushing of the hair, using a cleaned brush.

Dandruff, while a problem that causes social embarrassment, is treatable and preventable with a few simple steps. Boiling beets in water and massaging the water into the hair works very well, as does a water and cider vinegar mixture used between shampoo uses. Brushing the hair daily with a clean hair brush also helps out the hair in a tremendous manner.

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