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How to Choose a Supplement for Bone Health


How to Choose a Supplement for Bone Health

Maintaining good bone health is a crucial requirement for everyone, but especially women who are postmenopausal. Aging and the loss of hormones often lead to bone loss, weakening of the bones and eventually osteoporosis, a serious disease that effects millions of people worldwide and is the primary cause of most hip, vertebral and wrist fractures. In addition to regular exercise and a diet that includes calcium fortified foods such as milk and orange juice, most doctors recommend a calcium supplement for women over 40. Choosing the right supplement may seem confusing at first, but it is a vital step in maintaining good health.
  1. First: Choose supplements with at least 600 mg of calcium.

    First look for a supplement that contains at least 600 mg per serving. Since most women lose 2-3 percent of bone during the first five years after menopause and an additional 1 percent each year after that, the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for postmenopausal women is 1300 mg. While ideally you should get this amount from fortified foods, most women do not come close to meeting this requirement. To ensure you are getting the correct amount of calcium, take one tablet two times each day preferably with a meal.

  2. Second: Look for supplements that contain Vitamin D, Magnesium and DHEA.

    Next, choose a supplement that contains Vitamin D, Magnesium and/or DHEA to further protect your bones and prevent the progression of osteoporosis. Each of these important supplements help to maintain bone health in different ways. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption of calcium, and it also assists calcium in improving bone mass. Magnesium stimulates the growth of the bones and is a vital component of cartilage production. DHEA helps to increase bone mass and stimulates bone deposition. Choose a supplement with these ingredients and improve your health.

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