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Mesothelioma Surgery


Mesothelioma Surgery

Surgery is currently the most popular form of treatment for individuals suffering with mesothelioma. Since this particular type of cancer is often very aggressive, doctors recommend surgery to eliminate as much of the cancer as possible. The type of surgery depends on the cancer. The two main types of surgery are curative or palliative.

Curative surgery

Doctors recommend curative surgery for mesothelioma cases where the cancer has not spread to a significant degree. Also, the patient must have good health in order to successfully undergo the surgery. Consequentially, curative surgeries work best in situations where the cancer is in an early stage. Older patients or those living with another condition, including heart disease or diabetes, typically do not undergo this particular type of surgery.

Palliative surgery

On the other hand, a palliative surgery can reduce the pains and side effects associated with mesothelioma. Pleurodesis is a particular type of surgery that falls under this category. During pleurodesis, a tube removes excess fluid that accumulates in the patient's body. Due to the invasive nature of the surgery, patients must stay in a hospital for 72 hours. After the surgery, patients must rest for approximately six to eight weeks.

Surgery, whether curative or palliative, remains the most effective form of treatment for patients with mesothelioma. Patients must have good health in order to under curative surgery. On the other hand, palliative surgery can handle the side effects and pain associated with mesothelioma.

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