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Preventing Addictions to Vyvanse in Those With ADHD


Preventing Addictions to Vyvanse in Those With ADHD


Vyvanse is a medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Candidates for using Vyvanse include children, teenagers and adults who are suffering from ADHD and who are healthy enough to take it. This medication is generally one part of an entire treatment regime for ADHD patients, which can include counseling and therapy.

Close supervision

Vyvanse is a stimulant, and it can lead to addiction when patients misuse or abuse it. ADHD patients must receive constant monitoring to ensure the drug's proper dosage at specific times. Additionally, prior to receiving a Vyvanse prescription, patients should receive screening for pre-existing problems with the abuse of drugs or alcohol. Patients should never take Vyvanse at a time that deviates from the normal dosage time, to alleviate boredom, to try to speed up or to stimulate treatment or learning or in an to attempt to self-medicate. The misuse of Vyvanse can lead to addiction as well as serious health complications, so patients should receive a physician's care and supervision while taking the drug.

Keep Vyvanse secure

In addition to closely monitoring patients' dosage of Vyvanse, the drug's storage is important. Securely storing Vyvanse in a medicine cabinet or chest that has a lock is a good safety measure. This can ensure the drug is out of reach of both children who can mistake it for candy and older patients who may try to self-medicate.

Seeking help for a Vyvanse addiction

If these preventative measures have failed, and someone has begun to abuse Vyvanse, seek professional help. Symptoms of a physical addiction or dependence on Vyvanse may include a lack of appetite and difficulty sleeping. A Vyvanse addict's personality may change, often with increased irritability or sensitivity, withdrawing from intimacy and avoiding contact with others. Speak to a doctor to get advice about taking steps to reduce the dependence on Vyvanse, or find out about prescription drug addiction treatment and rehab programs in the area.

Vyvanse, while a wonderful tool in the treatment of ADHD, does have its own set of cautions to follow. Because the drug is a long-term treatment, patients can develop a mental and physical addiction to the medication. Careful supervision by a physician and keeping the drug secure are critical to helping prevent dependence.

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