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Skin Cancer Treatment Options


Skin Cancer Treatment Options

It is important to look at skin cancer treatment options as soon as a diagnosis has been made. All skin cancer eventually spreads and causes further health risks or even death if left untreated.


The treatment of non-melanoma cancers is most commonly done through surgery. Removal of the cancerous spot is done by a doctor in their office. The patient may receive a local anesthetic and depending on the size of the area, the incision may require a couple of stitches.

Radiation Therapy

For cancer that has has moved to a more advanced stage, radiation may be used after surgery to kill any surviving cancer cells. High energy x-rays are directed at the area as insurance that all the cells are destroyed.


Chemotherapy either kills the cancerous cells or prevents them from dividing. In non-melanoma situations, it is usually applied to the area through a topical cream. In more serious cancers, the therapy is administered through oral medications. This treatment is often used in conjunction with surgery and sometimes radiation.

Photodymanic Treatment

A final option is the photodynamic treatment of skin cancer. Lasers are used to activate a medication injected into the bloodstream. This treatment kills the cancer cells without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Your choice of treatment depends on the type of cancer and how advanced it is. A doctor advises you on the best options for your situation, but you should always ask questions and remain aware that there are several forms of treatment available.

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