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Symptoms of Oral Cancer


What to Expect From Symptoms of Oral Cancer

Cancer can occur just about anywhere in the body, and depending upon the location of the cancer, symptoms often vary. One place where cancer is often found is in the oral cavity, which includes both the mouth and throat. It is important to learn the symptoms of oral cancer in order to know when to seek medical treatment.

Presence of patches

One sign of oral cancer is patches within the mouth or on the lips. The color of these patches can vary. They include white, red or a mix of both; however, the most common patches are white. These patches are known as leukoplakia and can occasionally turn into malignant cancer. The type of patch that most often becomes malignant is a mix of red and white. Additionally, vividly colored red patches can turn malignant.

Other symptoms

In addition to patches in the mouth or on the lips, there are other warning signs of oral cancer. A sore that does not heal, either in the mouth or on the lips, indicates a visit to the doctor is needed. Loose teeth and problems getting dentures to fit properly or comfortably are also possible signs. Another symptom of oral cancer is a lump in the neck. Earaches and trouble swallowing are additional indicators.

Early detection is key in treating any cancer successfully. If you find yourself troubled by any of these symptoms, it is always a good idea to seek medical assistance. Your doctor can then evaluate your symptoms and make an appropriate diagnosis.

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