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Symptoms of Vulvar Cancer & Complications of UTIs


What to Expect From Symptoms of Vulvar Cancer

Know the symptoms of vulvar cancer to help women get appropriate life-saving medical assistance. Vulvar cancer occurs on the exterior part of a woman's genital area. Specifically, this area is known as the vulva, the skin that envelops the urethra as well as the vagina. Vulvar cancer can occur in women no matter their age; however, it is generally seen in older women.

Skin changes and irritation

One of the possible signs of vulvar cancer is itching of the vulva that simply persists. Keep in mind that this symptom alone is a sign of other feminine problems so if this if the only sign, do not immediately think the worst. A woman's skin in this region is also painful and rather tender with vulvar cancer. Other noticeable changes include differences in the color of skin as well as thickened skin in the area.

Lumps and ulcers

As with many types of cancer, lumps form signaling a potential problem. These lumps are reminiscent of warts and also begin or turn into an ulcer which is any type of open sore. These lumps or sores are a source of pain in this region.

Signs to seek immediate treatment

Anytime you experience irregular bleeding in this area that is not associated with menstruation, seek immediate medical attention. Additionally, if any pain or burning sensation becomes unbearable, consult a doctor.

Make maintaining optimal health a goal of your lifestyle. Keep abreast of possible signs of cancer to stay healthy. Knowing the symptoms of vulvar cancer can save your life.

Complications of UTIs

Urinary tract infections are a common occurrence. These infections are easy to treat, which lead some to disregard the seriousness of the situation. If left untreated, urinary tract infections can eventually lead to life-threatening complications.

Kidney infections

Untreated urinary tract infections can lead to life-threatening infections in the kidneys. The untreated kidney infection further spreads through the bloodstream into the rest of the body. Kidney infections cause permanent scarring to the kidneys, which eventually leads to kidney failure. When the infection reaches this point, one's life could seriously be at stake.

Complications for pregnant women

For pregnant women, the risks associated with urinary tract infections are even greater. A pregnant woman with an untreated UTI has an increased risk of delivering smaller or premature babies. It is imperative that a pregnant woman who suspects she has a urinary infection seek medical attention immediately.

The detection of urinary tract infections is inexpensive, as are the antibiotics used to treat them. Therefore, there is no reason to delay diagnosis and treatment if an infection is suspected. Early treatment could make the difference between a routine infection and a life-threatening situation.

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